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Click here for our 2023-24 programme.

East Malling Singers rehearse in the Church of St James the Great, East Malling
on Wednesday nights during term time from 8 pm until 10 pm, with a 15-minute
refreshment break in the middle. 
Some of us continue to congregate in the
King and Queen pub across the road after rehearsals!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the choir, please contact
our Membership Secretary, Margaret Mannerings on 01622 675592,
or via the contact page, for more details.


  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment: the latest (December 2021) version is HERE.
  • Members' Handbook: the current (April 2021) Members' Handbook is HERE.
  • Committee Handbook: the current Comittee Handbook is HERE.
  • Section Reps: singers can supply feedback, comments and suggestions 
    to the committee via their Section Rep:
Soprano  Laura [email protected]
Alto  Mary [email protected]
Tenor  John [email protected]
Bass  Bob [email protected]


Various resources exist in order to help you rehearse. Here are a few: 

ChoralLine - rehearsal CDs and other resources.
CyberBass - downloadable individual voice parts.
John Fletcher - downloadable rehearsal files, by subscription (EMS has group membership).